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Ervaringen met Sonic Foundry

versie van 3 maart 2002
door Piet Meertens
bewerkt door Hans Vosman

Voor de volledigheid, deze informatie is afkomstig van de website van Sonic Foundry.

I have recorded on to my hard drive a 74 minute mix wav file. However i want to split the one track into ten so I can change tracks when listening to it on my CD player

how do i do this ?

You can do this if you have CDA. Place the cursor at the place where you want it to be and press the T key. Do this at the start of each track

Bill Wooford

....Als je al CDA hebt? Begijp ik niet. Wellicht wordt CD Architect met CDA bedoeld. Dan begrijp ik het wel.

There is a shareware program at www.cdwave.com $15.
It will display the .WAV file and you can add split points to the file. It splits at the correct point in the file so there will not be any pops or clicks at the split point. The program will then write individual wav files according to where you put the splits. If a live recording no gaps in music.

I am not affiliated with the author of this program.


The simple cut and paste to a new window. Easiest way is to separate the songs is by using the markers, hit the "M" key to add one, to move em, click and drag to a new position, to delete or edit the name of the markers or regions, right click the marker for a menu. There are other ways as well.

Sag: This may not be the best way but here is the way I handle something like that:
I place a marker at the beginning and end of the file. You place a marker by clicking your cursor where you want a marker to be then hit the M key. Place a marker at the end of each song.
Click Special/Region Lists/Markers to Regions.
Click Tools/Extract Regions.
The saved file names will be the original file name plus the region.

Hi all!
Whenever I am mastering in SF 5 and set markers and then do a markers to regions, when I record the disc all I get is one huge track. I re-do my markers and try it again..same thing! This allways worked so well in CD Architect and I do wanna do 24 bit stuff to CD. How do you write your projects with regions so that it comes out with the tracks you specify in SF 5? Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Riizzo,

SF5 only supports track at once burning, it doesn't support disc at once burning. So even though you are setting up markers to designate new tracks, SF5 can not use that info. to create separate tracks on your disc.

Best, Scott

Scott R. Garrigus - Author of the Cakewalk Power!, Sound Forge Power!, and SONAR Power! books, and Publisher of the DigiFreq music technology newsletter. Learn about more cool music technology tips and techniques, and win free music products by getting a FREE subscription to DigiFreq... go to:

...nou als deze Scott als auteur van verschillende boeken op dit gebied dat zegt...

I've got a .WAV file that is 80 min long. I've set the markers where I want to split it so I can burn an audio CD with those track lenghts. Is there a way Sound Forge will automaticly divide that file into 13 seperate .WAVs based on those markers? It takes so long to cut and paste into seperate files. Any tips would be great. Thanks

Not that I know of. I would load in the 80Mb file, and cut the regions at the end of the file, and paste them to a new file. Work from the end of the file backwards, one region at a time. The cut times will be a lot shorter if you work backwards. I've been opening large files as RO, set markers, then double-click (actually single click of wheel button) between markers to select, then Ctrl-C to copy, then Ctrl-E to paste into new, then save. By copying vs cutting, you eliminate a lot of the time wasted by the delete. If you have several hard drives, NOT just partitions of the same physical drive, this can work very smoothly. EG, use 1st drive for work files, open large file from 2nd drive, save to 3rd drive.

When you've copied all the pieces from the large file, you could delete it, but with the low prices of big hard drives, better to hang onto it, in case you want to start over again. That's happened to me more than a few times.

Hope this helps . .

Rick Z

Sometimes low tech is more effective then high tech. At the link below you download a $10 shareware program that is very simple. You open a .wav file and it displays the whole .wav form, I've opened a 700 mb .wave, on the top and a close up of the section where the pointer is. You get close to where you want the split on the top view and in the lower define more precisely by where you click the mouse, then click the split button...continue to the end of the file. click save and the program writes a separate wav file for each split you make. Burn those wav's disk at once and you are done...your original file is intact.


Yes, as long you are using the full version (not XP). Use Regions to differentiate your songs, don't just drop Markers. Then choose Tools | Extract Regions...

Should be self-explanatory from there, but check the help file if you need more info on Extract Regions.

Regards, Brent

I cross posted this in the CD Architect forum, but I figured it would be helpful to a lot of folks in this forum as well.

Steinberg Get It On CD 2.0 recognized my CDR drive no prolem. Has many of the same features as CD Architect. Works equally well in crossfade and envelope editing, index and track setting is a snap, as well as splitting long wavs into tracks for Audio mastering (something I use a lot when chopping my DJ mixes into compilation CDs). Just finished my first product with it, very easy to use.

More info at www.steinberg.net

No, I'm not a Steinberg employee, I'm just pissed at Sonic Foundry for killing CD Architect. It's now my mission to make them feel my pain.

Correction, you do not need seperate wave files for Nero. You can take one Wave file and add Track markers anywhere you like. Nero is a lot like CD Architect with this feature..... God Bless them Ahead guys for picking up where CDA left off.

Depends on the software you're going to use for CD burning. I use Nero, and that allows you to put tracks back to back without pauses between tracks. I think EZ CD Creator allows this as well.

However, you still need separate WAV files to make the CD. You can use SF to open the one large track and then copy/paste each section of that WAV that would become a separate track into a new file.


Voorlopige conclusie: het knippen van .WAV bestanden kan niet automatisch met SoundForge. Je zal zelf aparte files moeten maken (copy and paste is het beste) en vervolgens met een brandprogramma op CD zetten (waarmee je dan tevens ook de titels van de nummers kunt invoeren). Of probeer aan CD Architect te komen dan wel CDWave (huidige versie 1.7). Gelukkig heb ik zelf ook Music Cleaning Lab. Daarmee kun je eenvoudig markeringen aanbrengen, titel van de nummers invoeren en vervolgens branden.

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